Quality Loose Teas and Accessories

Why Loose Leaf Teas?

Most commercial mass produced tea in tea bags are low-grade, poor quality dust and fannings from broken tea-leaves.  Essential oils are lost, releasing more tannins, resulting in a bitter, one dimensional and astringent brew. Often, tea bags are made with bleached paper material that can add harmful chemicals. 

Brewing a cup of tea with handpicked, high quality whole leaf loose teas allows the tea-leaf to infuse with the water and expand, adding more flavor and essential oils, which extracts essential vitamins and minerals. 

"the path to heaven passes through a teapot"

- Ancient Proverb

"what better way to suggest friendliness- and to create it- than with a cup of tea?"

-J. Grayson Luttrell

"I'm not interested in mortality but only in the taste of tea" 

- Lu Tung